Nearly one in four British people still associate hemp-derived CBD oil with illegal drug use, according to our recent study, focusing on pinpointing what the British public knows about CBD. The survey responses provided statistics which would support claims that millions of people curious about CBD may avoid trying it due to unsavoury stereotypes surrounding the little-understood plant compound.  

Our CBD Explained survey found that 24.9% of its 2000 respondents felt that the first thing they thought of when upon hearing the term “CBD”, “CBD Oil” and “Hemp” was “Marijuana and drug abuse” and “Weed leaves”. This survey lays bare a lack of dialogue between retailers and customers which would demystify CBD and its benefits. The UK CBD market is growing but that rate of growth is being stifled because the average British shopper has not been told why and how CBD benefits them. CBD retailers have a responsibility to not throw fashionable buzzwords around. Instead they should focus on showing customers how CBD products can be easily incorporated into their daily routines. 

The UK CBD market is currently valued at £300M, with predictions of it reaching over £1BN by 2022. There has been an explosion of CBD products in various shapes and forms to tempt new customers into trying CBD and understanding which products are right for them.  

The survey also found that people are unaware of the wide range of potential use for CBD in their everyday lives and the various formats in which it can be consumed. As a part of the research, almost every person quizzed did not realise that CBD had anti-inflammatory properties, making it a powerful tool when treating skin-related issues such as eczema and acne. This should be taken as proof of how young the CBD market is. The UK has only recently been introduced to CBD oil. The journey to discover its full range of benefits has only just begun. The landscape painted by the survey validates the Serenity Box Co mission: to make CBD easy. We try to do this in several ways; explaining the benefits of CBD to our subscribers and future customers is our number 1 priority. 

Other survey responses noted that women and men used CBD equally, as well as CBD oil being the format which most respondents had tried when experimenting with CBD oil. Encouragingly, respondents used CBD balms and topicals to check out their benefits as a wellness supplement. CBD tinctures proved to be the least popular format to consume CBD oil. Interestingly, over 70% of respondents that had never subscribed to a subscription box service were keen to ‘try something new’ and would be keen to have essential shopping products regularly delivered to their door via a subscription service. 

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