Given how short a period of time it has been since CBD burst into our lives, it seems almost ironic that CBD users are faced with the paradox of almost having too much choice. With lessons learnt from the vitamin and supplement industry, CBD has been swiftly produced by savvy brands to come in a shapes and forms. The versatility of the product however, introduced a level of risk. Faced with too much choice, the average consumer may be overwhelmed by the various formats and unable to distinguish what is right for them, they abandon the search for the CBD product that meets their needs. 

At present, CBD oil is the undisputed king of the products. However, with the growing wave of CBD edible formats being sold, there is a chance that it may lose its top spot. Read on to discover the ins and outs of CBD edibles… 

What Are CBD Edibles? 

Simply put, an edible is a product that can be eaten. Does it conjure images of spaced-out hippies wandering festivals? The term had previously been connected to marijuana use. When people have associating it with weed brownies and space cakes. Contrary to this, CBD edibles have no intoxicating  effect. The THC which causes the ‘high’ associated with marijuana does not exist in CBD-based products. To reassure you, CBD is safe and non-intoxicating and legal.  

How Long Does It Take for CBD Edibles to Take Effect? 

CBD edibles are different to CBD oils and as such, are absorbed differently by the body. The main difference between edibles and oil is the length of time the CBD takes to kick in. When taking CBD oil via a tincture, absorption time takes approximately 15 minutes. That timeframe with an edible is usually much longer. An edible normally takes from 30 minutes to two hours to take effect. However, a variety of factors can impact the speed and effectiveness of absorption. Factors that influence the effectiveness of edibles include your height and weight, activity level, and what you’ve eaten that day. 

The Benefits of CBD Edibles 

CBD edibles have a few advantages over other CBD formats.  

  • Ease of use: Counting out how many gummies or chocolate squares to eat can be a little easier than attempting to measure your CBD dose from the dropper. They are also discreet and easy to consume in public places.  
  • Longer lasting relief: Given how long it takes for your digestive system to break down edibles, they are consumed slowly over an extended period of time. CBD is released into your system slower, meaning that its pain relief properties are experienced for longer.
  • It’s in the taste: CBD oil tastes like other forms of oil. Edibles allow you to hide the taste within something more palatable!
  • The benefit of variety: CBD edibles come in all shapes and forms which can be incorporated into your daily routine. CBD chewing gum may be better suited to your morning commute than the CBD tea that you have after lunch.  

In summary, CBD edibles are a fantastic way to get your daily CBD intake. They have several advantages, including being tasty, easy to use, discreet, and perfect for carrying on the go. You can get a variety of different CBD edibles, with something to suit all tastes.  

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